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Most BSc projects carried out at FMT, are part of the student conference series Twente Student Conference on IT. Some of the BSc projects carried out at FMT fall outside this student conference series -- for instance those that were carried out by students of other programmes than Computer Science. In the list of completed BSc projects, below, the latter ones are grouped under "Non-TSConIT BSc projects".

Twente Student Conference on IT
Twente Student Conference on IT


In this course, we use the following documents:

Available Project Proposals

For the next Twente Student Conference, projects for the Track Formal Methods & Software Engineering can be chosen from the list below. Please contact the contact person for the project if you are interested.

Algorithms and Data Structures

Correct and efficient algorithms and datastructures for concurrency and model checking.

Case studies and Applications

Application of formal methods to practical examples.

Dependability, security and performance

Analysis of dependability, security and quantitative aspects.


Graph and graph transformation related research.


Formal languages for specification, modelling and programming.

Logics and semantics

Program logics, Semantics, Temporal and Modal logics.

Software Technology

Test coverage, Software Desgin patterns, Software Modeling, Software Architecture.


Formal testing techniques.


(overflow of earlier categorization - to be re-categorized).

Students who like the area of Formal Methods & Tools, but did not find a suitable project in the list above, are encouraged to propose their own project on the topics of (software/hardware) verification, testing, concurrency (& algorithms), program analysis, compilers, virtual machines, etc..

More information about the track is available from prof.dr. J.C. van de Pol (first semester) or dr. S. Schivo (second semester).

Completed BSc Projects