In 2018/2019, FMT will be responsible for the following courses.
Up-to-date information on most of these courses will be available on Blackboard UT.


OSIRIScourse nameyearkwteacher(s)
201600189Pearls of Computer ScienceB11...Rensink
201600066We Create IdentityB11...Fehnker
201500111SoftwaresystemenB1.2..Huisman / Rensink / Fehnker / van Luijk / Sikkel (SCS) / Everts (SCS)
201600232Art, Impact and TechnologyB1...4Stoelinga / Fehnker
192140200Algoritmen, Datastructuren en ComplexiteitB2.2..Langerak
201600270Discrete Structuren en Efficiënte AlgoritmesB2..3.Langerak / van de Pol / Polderman (Applied Mathematics) / Uetz (DMMP)
201400537ProgrammeerparadigmasB2...4Rensink / Huisman / Kuper (CAES) / van de Pol
201400351Honours bachelor (semester 1)B212..Broersma
201400351Honours bachelor (semester 2)B2..34Broersma
192199109Ontwerpproject (semester 1)B31...Langerak
192199259Bachelor Referaat INF (semester 1)B3.2..van de Pol
192199109Cyber Physical SystemsB3.2..Langerak / Haverkort (DACS)
192199109Ontwerpproject (semester 2)B3..3.Langerak
192199259Bachelor Referaat INFB3...4Stoelinga
201500292Linear Algebrapre-M1...Broersma


OSIRIScourse nameyearkwteacher(s)
192135400ADSA - Product Line EngineeringM1...Akşit
201400171Capita Selecta Software TechnologyM1...Akşit
192111332Design of Software ArchitecturesM1...Akşit
192135310Modelling and Analysis of Concurrent Systems 1M1...Langerak
201500039Security VerificationM1...van de Pol / Huisman
192140122System ValidationM1...Huisman
201400173Concepts of programming languagesM.2..Akşit
201600051Software SecurityM.2..van de Pol
192111092Advanced LogicM..3.Rensink
192170015Testing TechniquesM..3.Stoelinga / Brinksma
201400170Best Practices in Software DevelopmentM...4Fehnker
192135320Modelling and Analysis of Concurrent Systems 2M...4van de Pol
192114300Program VerificationM...4Huisman
201400172Industrial Software Engineering Project (semester 1)M12..Rensink / Fehnker
201400172Industrial Software Engineering Project (semester 2)M..34Rensink / Fehnker


OSIRIScourse nameyearkwteacher(s)


If you are interested in doing a Bachelor (BSc) or Master (MSc) project or an internship at the FMT group, please contact dr. Marieke Huisman, the study advisor of FMT.