2013-04-10 Axel Belinfante added -o <fd> flag that puts all resource statistics... master
2009-11-27 Michael Weber Merge branch 'mw/sampling'
2009-11-27 Michael Weber don't print errors if child was signalled already
2009-11-27 Michael Weber Merge branch 'mw/signal-handling'
2009-11-27 Michael Weber signal handling cleanup, no functional changes
2009-11-27 Jeroen Ketema Improve command line error checking
2009-11-20 Jeroen Ketema Rename RSS define to VSIZE, which is what is used
2009-11-19 Jeroen Ketema Fix typing issue
2009-10-27 Michael Weber Handle signals and pass them on to child.
2009-07-24 Michael Weber Instead of exit, abort if child dies with unsafe signal
2009-04-08 Michael Weber Kill self with child's signal, if safe.
2009-03-13 Michael Weber Get rid of task_for_pid()
2009-03-12 Michael Weber Exit when unknown options are given.
2009-03-12 Michael Weber Moved RLIMIT defines to Makefile.am
2009-03-12 Michael Weber Added files to .gitignore
2009-03-12 Michael Weber Added myself to authors and copyright.
2009-03-12 Michael Weber A number of fixes
2009-03-12 Michael Weber Import of memtime-1.3 memtime-1.3