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LTSmin: We have moved to github
Added by Jeroen Meijer about 4 years ago

SpinS: We have moved to github!
Added by Jeroen Meijer about 4 years ago

JTorX: Solution for Anidot problem on 64-bits linux
Added by Axel Belinfante over 4 years ago

JTorX: JTorX v1.11.2
Added by Axel Belinfante almost 5 years ago

JTorX: JTorX v1.11.1
Added by Axel Belinfante about 5 years ago

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Latest projects

  • CTIT computing lab (30 Apr 2014 09:54)
  • Jenkins (06 Dec 2011 17:59)

    FMT continuous integration server

  • Histogram (26 Jul 2011 13:05)

    A tool for extracting class/methods usage statistics from java byte code.

  • VerCors Toolset (26 Jul 2011 12:59)

    The VerCors toolset leverages existing static checking tools to provide static checking functionality for several languages.

    See the Wiki Overview page for details.

  • SpinS (07 Feb 2011 14:04)

    SpinS is an LTSmin language frontend for Promela, written in Java. SpinS is a spin-off of SpinJa, which generated Java code from Promela models, while SpinS generates C code implementing LTSmin's PINS interface.

    NOTE: we have moved to github: https://github.com/utwente-fmt/spins...